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Publishers Direct Offers You The Highest Quality Leads At The Absolute Lowest Prices With A 100% Money Back Guarantee!

"Show us a bona fide price LOWER and We'll BEAT IT or Charge You the Same Price"!
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I have been involved in Lead Generation for over 15 years, and since my term as Vice President of Sales for one of the biggest Lead generators I'm able to cut out the middle man and provide the "ABSOLUTE" best quality of leads at the absolute lowest prices.

Publisher’s Direct offers one of the widest varieties of MLM leads for your home based business. Home business leads need to be responsive and help you to build a team of people. Most home business owners are working part time so that it is even more important that the leads perform adequately.

We offer lead packages that will fit any budget. If you have more time than money then you may want to try out some of our aged leads. We have aged mlm leads from within 24 hours old all the way to 90 days fresh.

"I’ve known Glenn since 1985, he’s honest and sincere and has been a good friend. I’ve used Glenn's Leads with great results and I would highly recommend them!
The "GREAT Joe Schroeder
Mr. Meat Man aka..MLM Big Fish

Many people overlook the value of an aged lead. When a new prospect starts to look for a home business opportunity they are actively looking and filling out multiple forms for more information. They are inundated with calls from prospective home businesses. This can turn a lot of prospects off from even joining with anyone. The calls die down after a month but they may not have found anything. So with the aged leads they are possibly more receptive because their phone has stopped ringing off the hook.

If you have more money than time then you will want a lead that has been better qualified. This would be a phone verified lead. These leads have had the phone number verified so you know that you will not be wasting your time with sorting through a lot of bad numbers. You can even upgrade to a phone interviewed lead where the prospect has been called and had an interview that is aimed at their continued interest in joining an mlm opportunity.

Many people are looking for a targeted lead for their business. These are leads that have been given specific information about their unique business. This is accomplished by using an auto responder system. The auto responder system sends out email directing potential new prospects to a website of your choice that will take them a little further down the path towards your home based business.

"if you need good leads and great service, work with Glenn, PERIOD!
Franco Gonzalez
Simple Freedom Right Now

International leads are also available. MLM opportunities have grown quite well in other countries. Whether you are living in one of these countries or are trying to expand your down line overseas these are great leads to do just that. We have Australian Leads, Canadian Leads and United Kingdom Leads.

Many people want a lead that is extremely fresh. They are looking for a lead that was just generated. They want to strike while the iron is hot. If you can get to these leads right away you can reach them when they are still reviewing your website. They are already in the right mind-set and ready to listen. We have Real Time Leads for people that like to work this type of prospect.
We also have specialty leads available. We can get practically any type of list that you are looking for. From Weight loss leads to credit leads we have access to them. We have some of the best buyer leads available. These buyer leads are prospects that have already made a purchase for a home business trial course.

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"I have built several businesses and earned a nice income online, I do it with the tools and leads that Glenn offers. I make sure that my entire team uses these leads."
Ernie Gilmore

"Glenn's leads are a very good source to build a list and to have people visit my website. I would highly recommend it!"
Doug Riley
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